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Dear guests, dear fellow citizens,

Korb is not only a very attractive place of residence on the outskirts of Stuttgart, but also a community that provides for a wide range of spare time activities. A well developed infrastructure of schools, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, many sports facilities as well as good shopping characterises Korb as a loveable community in the Rems valley where it is worth living. Long walks and hikes through the vineyards and the surrounding woods offer an extraordinary possibility to rest and relax.

Korb and its two communities Steinreinach and Kleinheppach surrounded by vineyards and orchards are well known for their cozy vine taverns. The gastronomy - ranging form the "Besenwirtschaften" (local vine taverns) to top class restaurants - invites to stop over and to leisurely enjoy a glass of wine and excellent cuisine.  Since 1974 Korb has been the twinning city of Matrei (East Tyrol, Austria). There are more twinning cities: Mansle (Charente, France) since 1989 and Steinach (Thuringia) since 1991.

Korb is also a very attractive industrial area. Korb's many industrial business and service companies employ some 2.000 people. In spite of industrialisation and automation skilled trade still allows for blooming business.

A place to live, work and to relax. That is Korb.

Yours sincerely

Jochen Müller

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